Home Computer Services

$100/hr on site (1 hour minimum)
$90/hr @ TigerBytes

Speed-Up / Clean-Up Service
When Viruses, Spyware and Adware programs are installed onto a computer the PC will slow down over time. Many times this occurs without the user’s knowledge. The Speed-Up / Clean-Up Service will remove these unwanted files, and disk management utilities will be run to keep your hard drive running at peak performance. All Windows updates will be installed including security patches and service packs. Also, unecessary software programs will be removed.

Hardware Repairs and Upgrades
Troubleshooting is available for Hard Drives, Modems, CD-ROMS, Floppies, Video Cards, Network Cards, Motherboards or any PC part that needs to be replaced, repaired or upgraded.

Virus and Spyware Detection and Removal
Very often users are plagued by annoying popups while on the Internet and web surfing may slow to a crawl. This is likely due to either Spyware programs or Viruses. Services are available to remove Viruses and Spyware, and tools are provided to help defend yourself in the future.

Software Installation and Support
Professional help is available installing or supporting any application. This would include all Microsoft applications or any 3rd party software.

Network Support
A network can be established with a wired or wireless configuration. It can be as small as two PCs or can include every PC in a small business. This network can include all necessary switches, routers, and connections to get your business operating smoothly. A common configuration also includes a shared printer and internet connection. Complete Network support is provided from basic PC troubleshooting to any range of network problems.

New System Setup
Assistance is available for setting up a new PC or moving a computer from one location to another. Many users need their data transferred to the new PC. This service makes these tasks much easier and ensures that this job is done correctly.