Offsite Backup

The TigerBytes Offsite Backup service safely and securely transports critical computer data to an off-site Data Center. Using military-grade encryption, critical files and data are impervious to destruction or data attenuation. Vaulted files are, thereby, highly-protected, even against a major catastrophe such as a fire, tornado, hurricane, or flood.

A software package is installed on the server or desktop computer and daily backups are scheduled to store your critical data offsite. This product can also backup your SQL or Exchange data without any extra software needed. The last 30 days worth of versions are kept and the most recent version is kept as long as your account is active.

Access to the data is via a web interface or through the Server or Desktop running the software. Additional backups and restores are handled through this interface. Daily and Weekly reports can be sent via email

For every Desktop or Server that the software is installed on, a monthly license is needed. A charge of $2 per GB per Month is charged for the data being backed up.


TigerBytes Offsite Backup Pricing Table
Monthly Cost
Desktop License $5 / per Month per Desktop backed up
Server License $10 / per Month per Server backed up
Desktop Data $2 / per GB/ per Month for under 100GB (Call for over 100GB)
Server Data $2 / per GB/ per Month for under 100GB (Call for over 100GB)