Small Business Services

Small Business Services

Server and PC Preventive Maintenance
Is your server running low on disk space? Are the backups actually working? Is your computer out of date on virus and spyware protection? Are all the fault tolerant drives working on your new server? These are some of the questions answered monthly using the Server and PC preventive maintenance program.
Server Preventive Maintenance
PC Preventive Maintenance

Server Setup and Configuration
Assistance is provided in selecting the right Server Hardware for your business and configuring it for your specific needs. Choosing whether to purchase dual hard drives for better protection and how much memory your system requires can be a daunting task. Installation of Windows Server 2008, 2012 or Windows Server Small Business Edition 2008/2011 is normally even more complicated than deciding on the correct hardware.

Software Installation and Support
Professional help is available installing or supporting any application. This would include all Microsoft applications or any 3rd party software.

Network Support
A network can be established with a wired or wireless configuration. It can be as small as two PCs or can include every PC in a small business. This network can include all necessary switches, routers, and connections to get your business operating smoothly. A common configuration also includes a shared printer and internet connection. Complete Network support is provided from basic PC troubleshooting to any range of network problems.

User Accounts and Email Maintenance
As new employees are hired, user accounts and email mailboxes must be created or migrated, especially if your network involves Active Directory. This service takes care of all the creation, deletion, and migrating of the ever changing employee’s accounts and mailboxes.

File and Print Sharing and Backup Configuration
This service provides help with configuring your environment to share the files and printers amongst your coworkers. It will also make sure your data is correctly protected using Backup schemes to fit your needs such as daily tape backups or copying data to secondary PC’s in the office. Keeping data on your PC is never a good idea in case of a PC crash. Having your data on the server with correct backups can save you countless hours recreating lost files.

Virus and Spyware Detection and Removal
Very often users are plagued by annoying popups while on the Internet and web surfing may slow to a crawl. This is likely due to either Spyware programs or Viruses. Services are available to remove Viruses and Spyware, and tools are provided to help defend yourself in the future.

Site Wide AntiVirus/Spyware Solutions
Rather than purchasing and maintaining virus software on every PC in your business, more advanced solutions are available. Symantec Corporate Edition allows installation of Antivirus and Spyware software on the sever which is pushed out to all of the clients at your site. The server takes care of all virus updates and policies. This solution is normally cheaper than buying individual licenses for all of your desktops.

VPN Configuration
Have you ever wanted to connect to the office to retrieve files on the Server or on your desktop? This service can configure your server to allow remote connectivity via VPN (Virtual Private Network) that allows your home PC to connect to your office and act as if you were at your desk. All of your files on the server will be available as well as other applications such as email or special applications only available at the office.

Terminal Services and/or Citrix
Remote employees needing to run special applications only available at the office may require special configuration on your Server. One option is Windows Terminal Services which allows user to run those applications via a desktop session on the server. A more advanced solution is Citrix, which would allow users, via a web browser on the Internet, to run those specialized applications from their remote computer.

Microsoft Exchange (in house email)
Most small business use email systems that are hosted by their ISP (Internet Service Provider). However, many advanced email features are unavailable using this configuration. This might include calendar sharing, meeting requests, email backups, remote access to your full mailbox and other such features. Using your own email system, such as Microsoft Exchange, all of the company email will flow to the server and allow a more standard and easily maintained email infrastructure.

Advanced Router Configuration
Applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Windows Terminal Services, VPN or other communication that takes place on the Internet, require specific configurations on the router (Cisco, Linksys, Netgear, etc).

Hardware Repairs and Upgrades
Troubleshooting is available for Hard Drives, DVD-ROMS, Floppies, Video Cards, Network Cards, Motherboards or any PC part that needs to be replaced, repaired or upgraded.